Professor Kaiser Risk Management Consulting
Risk Management is about Managing Risk

Risk Management is about managing risk

I support on all topics of Non-Financial Risk as well as Risk Culture, Risk Governance as well as ESG Risk, primarily from a management perspective. 

What I'm good at: 

Focused on those topics:

  • Training and further education of supervisory board, executive board, senior management and specialists
  • Drafting of concepts for new topics and challenges 
  • Developing interesting topics further
  • Conducting workshops, e. g. on scenario analysis 
  • Challenging of ideals („advocatus diaboli”)
  • Interpretation of concrete supervisory findings 
  • Supporting software selection from a contents perspective

  • Risk Culture 
  • Risk Governance
  • Risk Strategy and Appetite 
  • Non-Financial Risk broadly
  • Operational Risk
  • Reputational Risk
  • Strategic and Business Risk
  • ESG Risk
  • Enterprise Risk Management


Work philosophy:

  • Mutual appreciation and exchange at eye level 
  • Also for "political topics", good factual arguments are useful
  • Managing expectations early suits all involved parties well
  • 9/3 instead of 24/7 – Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday is not only common at universities
  • Good balance of asynchronous communication and scheduled meetings
  • The 80/20 rule doesn't fit in all cases, but very often

What I don't do (but where I might know somebody who does): 

  • Development and test of statistical models  
  • Formal model validation
  • Data quality
  • Development of IT concepts or related concepts
  • Software development and supporting software rollout
  • Project management (incl. project office for onsite inspections)
  • Line management
  • "Firefighting" projects